Gibson Acoustic Guitars

Naperville Music is the Chicago Destination for the Full line of Gibson Guitars

Gibson was our first guitar line when we opened our doors back in 1974, and we've been selling and servicing them ever since. We stock the popular models including J15, J45, J200, Songwriter, and Hummingbird.

Simply contact us for a great guitar, a great "better than internet price", and a great experience!

Best Selection of Gibson Products

We always maintain a large selection of particularly exciting and unique Gibsons. These guitars are hand selected and are of the highest quality available. In addition to the production model guitars that Gibson refers to on their website, we also work directly with Gibson to obtain many limited editions, one-offs, limited colors, unannounced re-issues, one-of-a-kinds, and other very special guitars.

Custom Orders on Any Gibson Guitar

We have a constant stream of instruments coming to us, many of which were ordered months ago. So if there is a particular model you’re interested in, whether it be the most common production guitar or the rarest and most collectible piece out there, be sure to check with us-it may be on its way to us.

Remember- Don't buy a Gibson before you talk to Chicago's oldest, and many say "Best", Gibson dealer !