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Grand Pianos, Upright Pianos, Digital Pianos, New and Used from Kawai, Yamaha and Hardman.


Portable Keyboards from
Yamaha. Weighted keys, non weighted keys, touch sensative, 88 keys. We also carry with
stands, benches and headphones.

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 Electric Guitars

Gibson electrics are in a class
by themselves. Gibson has
produced some of the biggest
iconic models in history. The
Les Paul, The SG, The ES335,
The Explorer, the Flying V,
and many others.

All of these plus the Fenders,
Rickenbackers, Parkers,
Warwicks and our boutique
built guitars are all kept in their own humidity controlled glassed in showroom.
Acoustic Guitars


 These major manufacturers
have built guitars played by
every well known musician on
the planet. Naperville Music
carries a wide selection of these guitars for the discerning
professional and the weekend

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Percussion of all kinds, drum sets, congas, bongos, d’jembes, cymbals, cowbells, Latin percussion and electronic drums.


Hundreds of students per week learn to make music part of there lives. Private lessons, group lessons, recitals, live gigs, there is always something musical happening in Naperville Music 

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 Stop by our store, these are only pictures, it's people who make the difference!